Women's Baseball in the Olympics

Play Ball 2020

In the upcoming Olympics 2020 that's going to be held in Tokyo, Softball and Baseball, treated as one game, is bound to make its most-awaited return to the Olympic Platform. Being one of the most famous games in the sports industry that currently has no Olympic status, there are many that are greatly anticipating the return of these games to the Olympic scene, including playball2020.com. This is especially true as the women's softball and baseball at the Olympics means outstanding things for female players of the renowned game.

Before moving on, it is important to know difference between baseball and softball. Though no rules governs this concept, the two games are often aligned with gender by the common people - baseball for men and softball for women, hence the Womens Softball Olympics. However, though this is the norm, both gender can play either of the two. What makes these two different are certain rules and mechanics of the game.

The first noticeable difference is in the ball itself. A baseball is a lot smaller than a softball which also entails that players use larger gloves and bats that may prove to be thinner than what baseball has. Pitching is also different as underhand is used for the game of softball while overhand is use for the opposite. Distance of pitching is another difference to take note of as baseball's mound tends to be farther from the batter compared to softball.

Rules in the game of softball also has minor differences from baseball that needs to be studied by aspiring players of the game while the distance of each mound is much closer in softball being 60 feet only compared to baseball's mound distance that encompass a total of 90 feet. Though these differences are a bit minor, the fact that softball are often incorporated with women resulted in it having less popularity compared to the game of baseball.

With the advent of Womens Softball Olympic, the entirety of the game is expected to receive a serious boost in its popularity, especially when it comes to online bets on baseball. This is because of the fact that the Olympics have the most supreme position and popularity in the sports industry and it is expected that even the Softball category is bound to reel in tons of viewers and spectators. This is great news for our sportswomen as they'll be able to show their talents in the most glorious way possible which will surely redefine sports as we know it.