USA Baseball Olympics

Play Ball 2020

It is no mystery to that Americans are deeply in love with varieties of sports games. They put importance to their sport teams and the result of this mindset are their excellent teams that vie for the upper echelon of tournaments from time to time. One sports that they love is MLB Baseball and with the upcoming re-rising of the game in the Olympic world this 2020 at Tokyo, there's definitely a lot to look forward to USA Baseball Olympics Team that will vie to dominate this historical and game-changing WBSC event.

Though the Olympics is still years away from reality as it will happen on 2020, this fact didn't stop users from speculating who the most ideal people would be to complete the USA Baseball Olympics Team to represent the Land of the Free. There are also other scenarios which may end up ruining these speculations such as tournament schedules that may overlap with the Olympics, and the unguaranteed existence of the players in the league years from now.

There are many changes that could happen, but regardless, it will still be great to know who America thinks would fit in perfectly for this awe-inspiring team. For the single baseman Category, Anthony Rizzo is the most favorable player seen to be fit for the position. Though still not in the prime, it is amazing how he was able to garner a secure spot on Top 10 MVP Voting time and time again and with this, one will surely look forward to just how he would be able to fare on the Olympics.

For the second baseman, Alex Bregman is seen to be an ideal choice and that's considering the fact that he still haven't had the chance to experience this position in his professional career. For Outfielders, players like Kris Bryant, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper are deemed to be the puzzle-fit for the position and are expected to dominate it for the country. Shortstop, on the other hand, could just be Corey Seager with an MVP position despite the fact that he still hasn't filled a majors full season.

The monstrous power of Giancarlo Stanton is also expected to contribute to the team's victory as a designated hitter while Buster Posey as the Catcher. These names with their respective positions are only speculations for the upcoming USA Baseball Olympics team and since there are still years away from being able to bet on baseball at the Olympics, there's bound to be more changes that we could expect.