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With the end of the Summer Olympics this 2016, sports enthusiasts and punters are already looking forward 4 years in the future for the next exciting and phenomenal Summer Olympics that will be held on 2020 on Tokyo. Though the event is still a long way to go as we are still basically at the starting line in our game of waiting, sports enthusiasts can no longer contain their anticipation especially with the comeback of baseball to the Olympic platform and the addition of other sports to the critically-acclaimed event. If you're one of the sports enthusiasts today that's intrigued about Baseball 2020, then continue reading to know more about how this decision came to be and its significance.

There are truly a lot of sports fans out there that are more than captivated about baseball 2020 news and are greatly anticipating this upcoming event. The decision was basically this August, 2016, which according to some analysts, was already something that was to be expected since the Olympics will be held in the grand capital of Japan, Tokyo. Japan's culture is undeniably rich and when it comes to sports, it is easy to see that they are definitely fans of it - especially when it comes to baseball.

With the love of Japan for the game, many fans were already able to deduce this outcome, but nevertheless, they were still surprised and happy to know about their wishes being answered. The WBSC is also greatly satisfied about the return of the baseball in the Olympic scene as this will once again let the game shine throughout the globe. Not to mention, though the game disappeared in the Olympics on 2008, the love of players for it didn't diminish one bit.

For women's softball, the news of the return of the softball to the Olympics is also great news as this opens new doors of opportunity for female athletes to show their talents on a global platform. This is especially true because female tends to have less viewers that are willing to pay to watch for their game, but with the prestige of the Olympics, women's softball are more than excited for it already. There's no doubt that discussions about baseball will never stop until the day for the event actually comes, but this is already expected as such a big news will certainly be a game-changing event for the whole sports industry.