Types of Baseball Leagues

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With how big baseball has been rocking the televisions, newspaper and other media, there's no doubt that you're already aware that it's one of the most popular sports today. In the United States and Canada, it is even included in its list of 4 major sports with its own Major Baseball League. At PlayBall2020, the MLB is one of the biggest Sports event in the US and even on the globe. It's something that many baseball fans look forward to whether they are there just to watch the games, to support specific teams or to bet on their favourites.

Regardless of what your reason may be, one of the best ways that will allow you to bet on the right team is knowing about the best teams today among all major league baseball teams. Whether it be Baseball Teams USA or Canada, you'll surely find some teams that have already become the favourite of the crowd. In this page, you'll find out what this top major league baseball teams the USA there are.

New York Yankees

There's no doubt that many out there would be vouching for the Yankees. This isn't surprising with their roster of professionals including Ruth, Joe Di Maggio, Derek Jeter and many more. In fact, many of their players along with the managers have also been included in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. There are also those who simply love them as they come from New York, one of the greatest city in the US with the Empire State Building, Central Park and beyond. The Yankees have certainly proven themselves season by season and play by play. They have numerous championships on their lap and that is also already a statement of how accomplished they are already in the baseball scene.

Boston Red Sox

Based on Boston, Massachusetts, the Boston Red Sox is often seen as one of the rivals of the New York Yankees. Just like the Yankees, Red Sox also has multiple championships on their name. They have also become renowned even on the first World Series championships, with them nabbing the championship at the time against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Red Sox has a long history in their baseball career and it is with their skills and exemplary plays that they were able to dominate their opponents in each game. If you also look at some of the facts provided today, you'll see that not only is the Red Sox dominating the stadium, they are also dominating the entire baseball industry, given the fact that they are one of the most valued franchises or team in the US.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Based in Los Angeles California with their home being the Dodgers Stadium, Los Angeles Dodgers is also one of the crowd's favourite. Dodgers have also won their fair share of World Series Championships and have produced numerous exemplary results during their career. Throughout their career and performance in playing baseball, they have nabbed 18 Rookie Of The Year Awards as well, showcasing that their exquisite team is not something to scoff at. The team is also considered to be a rival of the Yankees and this isn't some baseless information. They are considered to be rivals due to the numerous occurrences where they have gone toe-to-toe with each other during the World Series. Their number of face-offs in the World Series has been said to exceed the number of times each pair of Baseball Teams USA has faced during the aforementioned Series.

Fantasy Baseball League

There would certainly be those times where you'll think- if only you were one of those managers of the teams who would be responsible of building your own major league baseball team. Well, you could have that same experience if you join the best fantasy baseball leagues out there. Just as how it sounds, this kind of league provides an experience for participants, where they are able to pick out their own players and build their dream team. This is something that can be done through online means or there are also those that even provide it in a brick-and-mortar location. If you want to have an experience of building your own team, this is the chance for you to do so.

There would surely be those who would agree to our top baseball teams USA and some who may end up disagreeing. All major league baseball teams can be said to have their own advantages over their competition. The bottom line for us avid fans, aside from having the chance to rake in some profit through betting on baseball , is that we enjoy the baseball games we watch - either live or on television.